Can this just constantly record and save, without relying on motion sensor? I want to record myself sleeping without any breaks from 'no motion' ... So can I do continuous record through the night and view later?

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Nope, when it’s working it will only record motion. If you want to record 24/7 use a different app that can take the feed to a laptop or desktop computer then record on the computer., I believe that would be your best option. Or get a cheap dash cam or a proper IP camera they are cheap enough and have proper night vision so you can sleep in the dark. They are cheap enough now about £15, just search your favourite market website.
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A good way i discovered how to record constantly while asleep or away is to put a lava lamp close by in frame of whatever room you are running surveillance in and turn on motion detection. Surprisingly, you should have everything recorded. This was a discovery i kinda made by mistake but it actually works really well. Enjoy.

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