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great camera guys keep it up
you have to improve zooming function


What should I do when the computer web page says ‘please reload the page’? I’m using chrome, and closing and trying it again didn’t work.


Hi @dghs10625,

We’re sorry that WebViewer 2.0 doesn’t work as it should for you.

Please follow the troubleshooting steps below to see if the issue could be solved:

Keep us posted!

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how do i get to the whitelistpage to stop the ads from poping up?

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My camera went offline and can’t turn it back on code 5016 & 7 please help

Hi, thanks for reaching out!

Please run a quick Camera Health Check to see if the connection can be improved:

You can also find out more about fixing the connection issue here:

Hope it helps!


Both phones have to have the same email or it will not work or maybe it could be that you are using a android on a dual frequency for instance the old phone might be using WI-Fi at 2.4 speed and your activee phone you ore using to connect both devices could be 5.0 higher speed, for instance 5.0 speed like rune a speed test one both phone’s were if you do not know how to check the dual modem…You need to check this problem out simply by holing both phones to use lay them on top of your modem run a speed test provided by the company’s web site to see if both phones are on the same frequency or just turn off your WiFi on the phone you currently have your activated phone number on and seeif you can use it and make sure both phones are from the same company,GM or CDMA??? Goood luck Hve a good one…:slight_smile:

Oh, before you say I cant spell. I am in the dark so sorry about the spelling. I hit reply before I notice my punctuation was in error…