Can’t find answer from FAQ? Here is what you can do!


I can’t find the answer to my question at Alfred Center. What information should I give in the support email so that the Alfred team can resolve my problem sooner?

So you have gone through the list of FAQs but you can’t seem to find the answer to your question. What should you do? If you decide to reach out for help (create a thread here at Alfred Center for timely support, or send an email to, what information should you provide so that we can resolve the issue for you as soon as possible? Here is a list to consider:

1) The Gmail you use to log in (why?).

2) Where does the problem happen? Is it the Viewer or Camera?

3) App version.

4) OS version.

5) What type of issue do you experience? Is it related to connection, Motion Detection, or something else?

6) Do you get an error code?

7) When did this happen? Just now, after you updated Alfred, after you updated Android?

8) How often does this happen? Every week, every 3 days, every hour?

9) Can we see some screenshots or links to the videos?

10) What type of Internet connections do you have? Have you tried different ones (office WiFi, public WiFi…) to see if things improve?

The more information you can provide, the faster we can pinpoint the problem!

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great camera guys keep it up
you have to improve zooming function