Can my camera record without wifi or hotspot when I'm away

It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name:
OS Version:

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Two phones one is viewer and the other I use it for camera the old phone has no hotspot or wifi the viewer phone has,. And that’s the one I carry

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Hi @cdorene8,

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Alfred needs Internet to function. Without WiFi or hotspot, your Camera Phone won’t be able to record or send you any notifications.

Hope this is helpful!

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This creates an interesting question, does Alfred only use the net when the App detects movement as an option here is a Sim card with PAYG data deal for a month, but if it only uses data when movement detected, then the costs come down.

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Hey @adlard.matthew,

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The Camera end only consumes a very small amount of data when no movement is detected. However, for Motion Detection to function properly, it has to stay connected to the Internet.

If you don’t need Motion Detection, you can always try Alfred’s Remote Switch:

This should help you save data as well as energy!


I know this is an old thread. Just wanted to check. There is no way for it to be able to record to the device that is being used as camera? An view later? The app itself has permission to the storage and camera.


Hi Christopher,

Offline Recording is always something we’d like to develop. However, we are still collecting the data and evaluating the possibilities. Surely we will take your advice into account and discuss it with our engineering team. Since many factors have to be taken into consideration, we can’t give you a timeline yet.

We require permission for the storage cause we need to store the video temporarily when it’s being recorded and before it has been uploaded to the server. Also, when you try to download the Events to your device, we also need permission for the storage.

For now, please make sure that Alfred is well connected to the internet so you won’t miss any moment!

Let us know if you have further questions.


Seems stupid to have a device with lots of storage, and not enable that storage? ?
Especially, when Alfred already uses it for temp storage.
Geeks asleep at the wheel, I’d say.

The idea that Alfred would store locally at the camera device is an excellent idea until the camera device gets stolen, the best feature of Alfred in my opinion is that he offers free for seven days secure cloud storage. There are other applications that can provide you with the options you desire.
Good day


I want to understand the issue, because I like to cover my butt with both hands- better safe than sorry!
It sounds like different people here have different goals in mind. It’d be hard to access the device remotely without WiFi, and if you want it to record without access to the server via the app- well that’s kind of it’s main purpose. So one might as well just set it up to record with the device’s video camera app- (I feel that would take up a LOT more space than most of us have. That leaves us with the motion-sensor recording feature. There are a ton of other apps out there that SEEM like they could handle that- but I haven’t tested any. Alfred is simply SO awesome for being cheap-as-free - I can’t see a problem.

I DO see how it would be nice to have these features in the event of power outage or to link up with the “Owner’s” “Viewer” phone cellular to upload to the server when in range, but I imagine that might take a bit of development, and/or storage. Either way I’m thrilled for the cost, which is-as of now- zero. :sunglasses::+1: Thanks for sharing!

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I’ve gotten around this by using the belts and braces approach. I have Alfred with secure cloud storage. I have IP camera with local and remote storage and another IP camera with local and secure cloud storage. So if I lose internet I still have a device recording locally but with a power outage which I have never had then a phone with an app recording locally with it’s own power source would be ideal.

q1. lets say my old iphone has simcard with 6gb a month, i have it in the garage (no wifi) connected to internet via 3G.
my -call it- View iphone is few miles away nolimit data, and need to see live ehats happening in the garage, can i do it or not (no need to record on @old iphone@).

q2. if checking live on view iphone can i click -record what i see button?