Can I wake my Camera back up after the device restarted?



Can I wake my Camera back up after the device restarted?


If for any reason Alfred stops/is dismissed on your Camera Phone, you might want your Alfred to resume his duty as your security camera. There are apps you can install to reboot your phone and even schedule reboots. Once you have installed a rebooting app, you can enable “Launch at Reboot” on the Camera end.

Here is how you do it:

1. Go to Camera Settings

2. Slide the bar to the right to enable Launch at Reboot

Alfred launch at reboot

You are done! Remember to enable this feature especially if you don’t have access to your Camera Phone on a daily basis (for example, if Alfred guards your holiday house)!

PS: Some manufacturers block apps from launching after the device has rebooted. If that’s the case, please check your settings to add Alfred to the list of permitted apps.

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1. 進入相機設定

Alfred security camera app

2. 將「重開啟時自動啟動」的開關往右拉

Alfred launch at reboot


PS: 有些手機廠商會阻止應用程式在重開機後自動啟動。請檢查您手機的設定,將阿福管家加入允許重新啟動的名單中。

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