Can I use my old USB webcams with Alfred?



I am currently using Alfred on my computer that has one of these webcams connected to it. Im using NoxPlayer which is an android emulator that uses webcam to emulate as smart phone camera. No problems with it.


None of the free PC/webcam are as easy to setup as Alfred. Plus, no one offers free upload to cloud and storage.


@trsiddiqui1989 with Alfred any loss of power or internet Alfred becomes as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle. Also you are using a device that isn’t designed to be plugged in 24/7


umm… YES that would be freaking amazing!!!


Well, that is true of any electronic device. But the last time there was a power outage here was in 2006. But if you are comparing Alfred to offline monitoring systems, keep in mind that in case of a break in the burgular would have access to the system and you might lose all the videos. This is why cloud systems are so popular these days. And i dont understand what you meant by “devices arent supposed to be plugged in 24/7”. Desktops are supposed to be plugin 24/7, so are webcams. If you are talking about phones then most phones used with alfred have already lived their life. So at worst you are deteriorating battery life which should not go completely bad for years even if you keep it plugged in. I have been using Alfred on 2 phones for about a couple years, 24/7. And over the time i have added 2 more phones and 2 desktops.


@trsiddiqui1989 I’m not disagreeing with you I’m just saying horses for courses. I have Alfred running monitoring my front door but I don’t rely on it. The secure cloud storage for free is nice but I have that set up on my own secure cloud service with my swaan system, I’m a belts and braces type of person.



yes please investigate


Excellent use for equipment that would normally be tossed in the rubbish bin.


Or sold on the second hand market or ecologically recycled like any good human being would do.