Can I use my old USB webcams with Alfred?



Hi @carmenreichmann,

Thanks for reaching out!

This feature is not yet available, but we are looking into the possibility!

In the meantime, here are some tips for scoring cheap Camera Phones:

Hope this helps!


Yes please. I have a windows computer and a Mac. It will be awesome if we can use those old Webcam as well


Yes, please! I have 3 or 4 webcams that I’m not using and I’m sure if I dig in the closet, I’ll find more!


Is it possible to Route all the devices through a DVR


Supporting a Webcam OR standard Android UVC Camera and using it like front or back camera shouldn’t be so difficult, from technical perspective. The biggest advantage is (a) it extends the ability of one phone to monitor multiple cameras (b) many of these cameras come with IR LEDs with automatic On/OFF capability. The standard mobile cameras do not help when it is dark. Such cheap ($25+) cameras (examples below) can be easily integrated into Alfred and this will result in a complete day-night security system.


Yes, cell phone(with you)
to cell phone(parked-dvr)
to cameras (cost effective )
I’m using all my old phones
Now just want to connect more cameras


Yes that will be nice and good for Alfred to connect with my pc webcam. Maybe you Devs must fix it, so we can add to smartphone one more camera like webcam (my pc -and many others, i bellieve-running all day long) so why not ???
Make a try to find the option to do with that…Thanks


Ofcourse…that will be very useful :slight_smile:


Yes! Please integrate otg for webcams, I can build a webcam into my door so I can see who’s ringing the doorbell …


Yes please this would be so useful


Same here. Got it working. Thanks @thanosdestro


Being able to hardwire a usb camera to the cam/ device would allow for so many options in hardware and video quality to the many situations where a phone is blind or a nannycam is already in place, etc.,etc.,


I think this would be an awesome idea and would love it if Alfred could find a way to make it happen! This app has already helped me tremendously with neighborhood youth stealing off of my carport! But even old phones aren’t cheap, I tried using an older lg Optimus but the memory issues kept Alfred from working same problem with a huwaii but I already own several webcams and have at least 3 working computers I could use. Please make it happen! Thanks for creating Alfred!


yes love to link usb cameras


There are alternatives which are available for PC/webcam use. I know of at least two which are free.


[ RE:’s question; … do you ’ think making old USB cameras compatible with Alfred a good idea? '… ]

Making many, many more device’s cameras compatible with Alfred is always a great idea! And Yes, not only Old USB cams but also the newer ones, ie:Smart HDTV’s Built-in & USB Video/Skype webcams would really be AWESOME!


didnt relize I could talk to people


Great what a beautiful idea


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I dont see why not I have done it in the past I think if you have the disc for it you can link it to Alfred.