Can I use my old USB webcams with Alfred?



@ehsiii would you mind elaborating on how you’re using a USB webcam and Android Media Player? I’d love to know exactly how you’ve done it. Can you share what devices you’re using, what cables, power sources, etc.? Thanks!


You can pick up old webcams for a couple bucks at yardsales and have video access of every inch of your home … inside and out.

That being said, coverage would depend on how many phones/cameras Alfred supports.

I would rather use Webcam anyway, with most having a gooseneck’like flexability, it would be so much easier getting the right shot … and each would give you 3 angles to switch between like switching from front to back in the current format.

The only issue, for the end user, would be physical connection. Phones have one USB port, so either a small hub or an inline “stackable” adapter would be required and most old webcams have a standard USB connection size with phones being micro, mini, big gulp, super-sized and/or nano.

All kidding aside, these adapters are cheap (and some may require at least two to account for both charging and size compatability) but in my opinion, for five or six bucks, it is well with it for the extra coverage and the ease of positioning compared to just the phone alone.


Yes, I think this’s will be fantastic!!


sure its a great idea


I have successfully used PC Logitech Webcam on an Android TV box. Old USB Webcams used with Alfred


Absolutely yes!!! I’ve just bought an USB OTG endoscope and to me it will be incredible useful to be able to use it with Alfred, so I could place the camera in discrete places.


Have a new nest camera for one room and old cell phone for other areas. Using both types of cameras would be very helpful as expansion of system would remain more cost effective and not fill landfills with unused technology devices


yes yes yes please if can from my old windows pc vista or my acer lap top


I think that be Great


I vote yes! I have several of them and think it’s a great idea


Most definitely do this please!


Would love it if I could use my old use camera’s


I have a lot of old web cams. It would be great if I can use them


yes i think it would be awsome.



It is much easier for external cameras to be placed and less visible.

Please Install it


it is great future!
i cant wait. make it hapend


I think it would be a great idea. I still have several usb cams that i have put away. I would like to use them for something. They cost to much to throw away.


yes!!! it would be extremely useful I have many webcams!!! want to connect them to alfred.


Yes. Please add the possibility to select the external camera, mantaining the selection of rear/front smartphone camera.


I was wondering the same thing. Can I use an old webcam as additional cam?