Can I use my old USB webcams with Alfred?



A Superhero reached out to us and asked if it is possible to hook his old webcam with Alfred if he can connect the webcam to his old smartphone. This makes us wonder: how many of you still have old webcams like this one? Do you still use them? Do you think it would be an interesting idea if Alfred could convert these into Camera devices as well?

Let us know by replying to this post so we can look into it!

(Photo courtesy of Superhero Alexander Semenov)

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Old USB Webcams used with Alfred

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brand new user here :wink:
Yes, I think it could be useful, is there a way to make it work with an otg cable?


Definitely a new and amazing field that Alfred will bring in. It however will need either a 24/7 computer or laptop to be running in order for it to carry out the streaming job. Smartphones are little powerpacks that have it all in one bag. I can imagine that the old webcam use could gain ground at smaller private companies who have server computers running so the powering/running/streaming will be handled by this on-grid computer.


Yes, I have one old usb webcam and an otg cable …
I think it could be useful, but keep an eye on power requirements, to avoid phone overheatings.


I would love to see that happen! My main use for ALFRED is to be able to monitor my pup in her crate which is right by my desktop. It would be very easy to make it work for me. Maybe it’s not so easy for everyone, but it would be a great PLUS for some of us!


Yes, this would absolutely be cool. Let us be able to make it huge Network out of things that would otherwise be thrown away. Alfred by far is the best surveillance/security system for the fact that it allows those of us ‘squeezing pennies’ to have equal or (in a lot of ways) better quality security system than that of the Jones’. However, how exactly would you tie in the usb cams? They would have to run on something that could pull in the visual data…interpret the data…package it and send it either wirelessly through said device to wifi network or tied in through a cable. So…an old laptop? a raspi? or something similar? That seems like the first hurdle to me…
maybe im over thinking it.



whoops I typed my reply before I saw yours…I essentially said something similar.


yes i have several of these and think its a great idea!


USB web cam and a Android Media Player works just fine. . Works better than my smart phones


Yes a Web Cam attached to a PC would be grate


A webcam connection would be great to monitor my office which always has computer running. An wifi ip can would be great also, either directly to the cam p2p or a wink hub. Would be great to make this all part of my home automation schema.


It would be great if this was possible. Being able to connect a USB camera to a phone or to an android box would extend the reach and increase Alfred’s amazing skills!


Yes! That would be amazing!


Please implement this idea!! I have several old cameras, that can be used as security cam as well.

Maybe my PC can function as a video recording device so it’s much less putting strain on your servers?

So, please make it possible.

Best regards,

Holland’s biggest Alfred fan


how to set up for using a usb webcam ?


sure its a good thing for something collecting dust. Making something useful is better than tossing in the trash!


Yes Yes Yes please would be great for around the house security!




Great idea !
There are “Y” type otg cables allowing to charge and use usb at same time.
Also one can use usb hub to connect several usb cams at once .
mashing it up together would make great tool!