Can I use my computer as the monitor?



I’d love to be able to hook up my computer to view. Single parent here of 3 kids who don’t leave for school til after I leave for work. It sure would be nice to use my computer so an old cell phone isn’t sitting around tempting young eyes to touch and mess up my viewing capabilities. My desktop is always plugged in and always on the same position on my desk. Would be great to use MAC or windows. Preferably start with windows as that’s currently what I operate.


Just use Teamviewer 7 on both pc.
You can fully remotely control your monitoring pc with another pc (or mobile TV7 app), over the web. And just open and watch the connected house pc webcams. Remember to switch off the monitor of home pc and audio as well, otherwise your kids will notice it.


Hi @jason.kendra2017,

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For the moment, you can only monitor Cameras from your PC. It can’t work as a Camera just yet.

Do you think it might be helpful if you camouflage the Camera Phone? You can take a look at plenty of ideas users have shared with us here:

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The last version of Alfred, has “Pc Monitor” feature?.

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You don’t have to download anything to PC! Please find out how to monitor your Camera(s) by Alfred Webviewer from the instructions here:

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@fedemarto the clue is in the description “monitor” Alfred is still unable to broadcast from your PC/Windows but we live in hope.