Can i use camera lens for zoom


ide like yous to combine front and back camera recording and vision at once


This would probably be better posted in "Make a Wish’ but still a good idea if you could have the main camera as the main picture and the second camera as smaller frame with in the main picture like some dual camera dashcams have. Though I believe you would have to compensate some resolution.


yeah 2 camera working at once would be nice


Hi @thiagotoomey,

Thank you for reaching out!

We will look into the possibility for that. In the meantime, please check out more details about Zoom here:

Hope it helps!


i think it will work ive also worked out some new tricks i tryed my self like attaching a small magnet on the phone and then being able to attach it to the gutter system of your house and its not tape glue or screws ,as long as its attached to metal it works awesome and fast to take down under 5 sec’s


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