Can I update my devices from my computer?


Yes. This is a wonderful feature from Google Play Store. We know that sometimes your Camera Unit is placed close to the ceiling or in a garage corner and updating may means a lot of work.

On your computer, go to Alfred’s page on Google Play Store, click on the green button that says “Installed”.

And then, you can update all of your devices remotely from your computer. This is really convenient, isn’t it? Alfred works the best when Camera AND Viewer Units are all updated to the latest version.

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可以喔!Google Play Store 有這個便利的功能。如果相機端架在天花板上或是車庫裡,手動更新可能要花費一番功夫。

從電腦上找到阿福管家的Google Play Store頁面,並且按下「安裝完成」的綠色按鍵。


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