Can I retrieve video not caught by motion detection?


This is frustrating. I’ve been using Alfred for about 6 months and one of my cameras points to the street where my car is parked. The distance from the camera to the middle of the street is 12 meters. Normally, it captures hundreds of images per day and catches cars as they drive by. This is true at night as well (I think it picks up the headlights). Last night, there was a hit and run directly in front of the camera which included a very loud noise and even more activity than when a car just drives by. When I checked Alfred for the video, it didn’t pick up ANY of it. My car was totaled and the guy drove off. This is the first time I’ve really needed Alfred and it failed. I double checked the settings and everything was correct. I know I have no recourse on a free app, but is there no way to retrieve video missed by motion detection?


Hi @esquiremod,

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I am so sorry to hear what happened, but it really shouldn’t have been the case. Did your Camera capture ANYTHING on the night of the incident? When do you think the incident took place? Were you (or someone else) watching live feed at that point?

Let me know more so I can hopefully figure out why this happened for you.


Yes, the camera caught other things the same night. I was not watching the live feed when it happened. I was home when it happened and my apartment shook the nose was so loud and I immediately team outside to see what happened. When I saw the guy driving away, I tried to run after him to catch the license plate, but I was unable see it. I then went back inside and tried to see the video and it didn’t catch anything. It should have called me running outside because it also covers my walk-way and it usually films people walking to/from my door, but it didn’t catch me leaving our coming back in, either.
It took place at approx 10:30 - 11:00 PST on Saturday June 10 2017


Hi @esquiremod,

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We checked the logs, but all the Motion Events that were created actually made it to the cloud. That means for some obscure reason, Alfred did miss out on the incident.

I am really sorry. Could it have been too dark? Maybe the driver didn’t have the headlights on at all? Does Alfred normally capture people walking past by even at night? How about the group of Events before and after the incident? How far apart do you think they are from the incident?


It is possible that his lights were not on. There are not that many events that were caught that evening. I’m wondering if it might have been on a lower sensitivity than I usually have it set .


Hi @esquiremod,

Thank you for the reply.

If the street you are monitoring is very dark, it is possible that some movements wouldn’t be picked up. In any case, I am very sorry to hear what happened. I think adding some light will improve the performance. Also, do you have Auto Low-Light Filter enabled?

This helps you see the object’s outline when it’s dark.


I have noticed recently My App is also having issues catching events. My cars have been broke into 3 times which is why i started using alfred. and at first it was doing great but now for some reason with no changes to the settings it wont catch the first 1 - 2 minutes of an event.

For example if i walk out to my car to start it day or night the event does not start logging until i am already back in the house. Every once in a while it will catch my backside as i walk past. Is the app setup to start immediately upon event? I believe it use to.

FYI. I am not complaining at all as i love alfred just wish i could get it to capture the entire event.


Hi @jjocamo,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Alfred should start recording as soon as the motion events being detected. Could you try slightly move your Camera closer to the place you would like to monitor and see whether the situation persists? Look forward to hearing back from you!