Can I manually record a clip?


Yes you can!

On your Viewer device, tap the camera icon at the bottom for recording during live-viewing sessions. You will see a circle on the lower right corner to signal a clip is being made. Tap the camera icon at the bottom again, and you can find the clip in Moment (the cloud icon next to the main menu). You can record for as long as 30 seconds!

The recordings are saved in the Moments


On the WebViewer, click on the film icon to start recording:

You will see a timer popping up. Click on the film icon again when you are done.

You will find the recording (as well as everything you have saved in your Moment folder) in the Moment section!

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在現場觀看模式點下相機圖示就可以錄影。錄影的同時,畫面下方會出現圓圈。錄下來的影片會存到關鍵時刻中(主選單旁邊長個像朵雲的資料夾)。手動錄影最長可達 30 秒!

手動錄影的影片存放在關鍵時刻中 (相機清單上方的雲朵圖示)


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