Can i download alfred to my pc and if so how do i go about it


can i download alfred to my pc and if so how do i go about it


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Please read about our WebViewer here:

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Yes thank you for that information, however what i really meant to ask was is there an application compatible for any pc or laptop or do we always have to go to alfred/webviewer page???


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For the moment, that is the case. You can only access Alfred’s WebViewer by going to the page.

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yes this is very helpful


It’s not working when I go to the viewer it just trys to load but never does


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I took a quick look at the connection logs, and it seems like your battery went flat so your Camera went offline. You will have to plug the Camera back in to bring it back online.

You can run a Camera Health Check to see if anything can be improved:

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Alfred keeps saying waiting for viewer. I want to use my laptop as a viewer, but it keeps saying already installed. I installed it on my phone to be used as a camera.


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Well, you could technically run an Android emulation instance and load the application through it as a viewing device but that requires a bit of work to set up. I’d only suggest that route if for whatever reason you’re trying to avoid using or leaving a browser open.