Can I choose my own server, or google drive to store the recordings?

I don’t like to depent on Alfred server.
I would like to store the recordings on my own server, or google drive.
Is it possible?

That is an excellent question. I would also like to be able to use another cloud server, not only so i don’t have to depend on Alfred, but also because on My cloud service, i can keep the clips indefinately and that is important to me and a reason i use the service and pay for upgrade also. That would be great to be able to use google drive or one drive, etc…
Please let me know asap or i may choose a different app.

The option you are looking for is not available. Please choose a different App

You can read here why I am looking to store the recordings on a cloud.
Also my solution: End of support for Android older than 5.0. Disappointing! What now?

You can just purchase an proper IP camera for £20 or so. Most of them offer a cloud option to subsidize the Low cost of the device. Then you can have local storage on a SD card on the camera and if it has an onvif feed you can store the feed on your own local cloud. also proper infrared night vision and more than one viewer. You can also view and record at the same time. Most cloud subscriptions are £30 for 12 months.

need hosting, can u help me?

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