Can i add a camera that isn't a phone?


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Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name:
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On some android phones you are able to connect external camera (using the micro USB port), if your phone can support the external USB device (in your case the camera), you can switch in Alfred to use that camera instead of the internal cameras.
Look to buy OTG adapter/hub. It have regular USB socket -> micro USB , if your phone support OTG (for old phones you have to check, all new android phones support it) , you can have external USB camera thru the phone.




something like that, but I’m tolking about proper USB Camera (can be WEB camera too), using OTG connector.


I’m curious, related to this subject, would any camera that can be connected to a virtual Android instance work?


Unlimited Cameras, and as long as camera was compatible with your computer. Android emulators usually require you to turn on connection to camera.