Can Alfred work on iOS 7?

We receive a lot of requests from superheroes who want to repurpose their iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or other iOS devices running iOS 7 or previous versions. No one answers the question better than this man.

The Alfred team wants nothing more than giving every one the connection with their loved ones, but it has been a struggle to determine which feature to develop first everyday. Should we make a complete product on iOS 8/9 or a semi-complete one on iOS 7/8/9?

There is a big jump between iOS 7 and 8. About 50% of our codes need to be rewritten. As you might know the iOS version of Alfred is 14 months younger than the Android version. When we expanded to iOS, the most common OS version was 8. We are still trying to catch up with the Android version and working on a full feature product on iOS 8/9 now (you know, one with two-way talk, with recordings, and with the option to upgrade to AlfredHD). Sorry that this took longer than you might have expected but we will work very hard to speed up. Your continued support is greatly greatly appreciated.

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how can i connect use laptop?

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Could you please check this out? Let us know if it works!