Cameras work from 7.30am until 5.30pm

It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name:
OS Version:

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We are sorry that you are still experiencing this issue. When you say your Camera doesn’t work from 5:30 pm to 7:30 am, do you mean that the Motion Detection doesn’t work during that period, or you can not access to the Camera live feed?

From what we can see on the logs, your Camera is well connected to the internet most of the time. Please let us know if you find any feature working abnormally.

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As you can see by my connectivity… Cameras only work certain times. So despite numerous messages to you and updating Alfred. The problem persists and I have excellent WiFi and.


Hi @payforyourchild,

Thank you for reaching out back!

We took a look at your logs and found that your Cameras get disconnected at the exact same time. It could either be a connectivity issue on your WiFi or a server issue on our end. We are already investigating this and trying to fix it as soon as possible. Please let us know if you find anything working abnormally.

Before we fix this issue, could you please test something for us? Please try to create a new account and check if the issue still occurs on the account. We also noticed that two of your Camera phones are rooted. Could you please try to install Alfred on an unrooted phone and see if it can record Motion Events normally during the period?

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please keep us posted!

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I keep reporting that Alfred stops working on 2 phones as soon as it gets dark. You mentioned last year that this was being worked on but no changes or it gets worse. I am premium member and beta. Thank you

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At 5:30 when they stop working, is it dark out where you are at yet, or is there still daylight? I used to have the same issue around 11:30 at night. Couldn’t figure it out. I did have internet issues with noise on the line and something else, but that wasn’t really the issue.

Seems like in my issue that when it got dark and night vision kicked in, all I could see was particles, and I had my motion sensor set to go off, and Alfred should kick in, but same as you… My fix was to put enough ambient light, so Alfred always had an target object to see. The car dealership lights in the background keep Alfred alert and detecting properly again.

It seemed like Alfred would fall asleep on the job till morning everyday… Hope this will be similar enough to your issue that this is the solution.

Hey thanks,
I think that Alfred just falls asleep! We have street lights and lights from vehicles however, I am really lucky if I get on or two motion detections from 5.30pm until 7.30 am of about 4 seconds. It never detects my car either which is outside my house. So Alfred is pointless during the night, someone could steal my car and replace it with a brand new one and I would miss it.

Use to have same issues too, It’s an ambient light problem. Throw a couple flood lights in your yard that you leave on. You are right Alfred is a little bit hesitant in the dark, Its very contrast driven. Turn the night into day basically, It isn’t real Infrared, hence why it don’t work like a real IR device.

Thank you,
I just need an electrician now for the lights.
Alfred should actually pick up headlights? at times I have had my checked by turning on the lights on on my car, or even leaving or arriving home in the dark, (one camera is aimed at my car) It been picked up for a couple of seconds! Possibly twice? In a couple of years which proved a pointless exercise as my lights were for the point of testing Alfred at times, on for up to minutes.

I just think as someone previously commented…Alfred just goes to sleep😀

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I know what you mean though, Alfred would fall asleep for me too all night no pictures. Honestly I ran an extension cord to my basketball net and hung a light shinning on my car, and I took a sensor light and wired it to a plug and glued it to a piece of wood, then glued the piece of wood to the brick wall and plugged in and set on test mode. With the 2 alfred woke up for me. Been running this setup for 5 years now. You need to create as many different contrast differences because of IR lacking.

Same with my back camera facing back yard… Blaaaack, just a bunch of particles floating around, I aimed it at the Car dealership to the right of my window, and again Alfred woke up started taking shots again. Newer phone may be the answer as well, New phones have tons of sensors whereas old phone lack.

Just thought maybe your alfred sleeping was similar to my alfred sleeping problem, and how I solved mine. Once the snow disappears, I will need to light up the yard, but the sensor light seems to wake alfred up. Updates will eventually fix this bug. It is a free app, not a Microsoft product as well. lets let bygones be bygones, lol.

And your router/modem may be disconnecting your connection, check the health around the times your mentioned in your posts for disconnects, reset router/modem sometimes solves the issue too.

Thank you for your advice. My camera use phones are new, I agree they offer better qualities.
I live in a relatively well lit area and as we have lots passing traffic headlights it should prompt motion detection on Alfred and and for longer than a couple of seconds.
I feel more installed lighting at my property may give opportunity for thieves to be able to see. I think I will just see if I can find an alternative night app.

Once you have to go to this much trouble setting up flood lights ect. Surely your flogging a dead horse. For all that hassle just get yourself an IP camera. If you can install Alfred on your device as a camera and place it in a convenient place and he does his job then that’s a result. Once you have to start spending money then he becomes a false economy.

I totally agree, thanks for the response. I think by reading Alfred’s other customers comments, lots of people experience the same problems. ALFRED CAN’T COPE WITH DARKNESS!

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Hello I think it is a server issue your end. I have had everything checked my end, also this has been ongoing for nearly a month now and happens every year. IPhone is not so much of an issue as android. IPhone picks up one or two motion detections in an hour or two. Android picks up nothing even if I put outside lights on or my car moves.