Camera won’t record on motion

I Have 5 cameras all setup with the same settings to start recording when motion is detected (person only, high sensitivity).

4 cameras work just fine with the setting. When someone walks into view the camera records and I get a notification.

The 5th (a view covering front door/yard/street) however does not record consistently. I can still view a live feed with no issues so connectivity isn’t an issue. It should, theoretically, catch me leaving for work everyday but nothing.

Example: I had a housesitter visit the last few days with no recordings of her pulling into driveway or walking to the front door, only when in the house. When I got notifications of her in the house, I looked at live view and saw her car in driveway.

I even changed the settings on that camera to high sensitivity and all motion, but results are the same…no recordings.

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