Camera will not stay enabled; disables in seconds


It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name:
OS Version:

Exactly as the title says.

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Hi Eric,

We took a look at the logs and found that your Camera is disabled right now. Did you do that by yourself or find the Camera disabling itself? Have you shared your Alfred account with others?

Please keep us posted!


Dummy ricardo. It’s the damn alfred pos app. Why else would I post this problem. Geez


Hi Eric,

We are sorry for what you have experienced. Could you try to log out Alfred on all your devices and log in again to see if the issue persists? If so, please reinstall Alfred to give it a fresh start!

Keep us posted!


I’m having the same issue - I have 2 Alfred cameras - one is an old Samsung cell phone, and that’s doing fine. The other is my old ipad, and that’s constantly saying it’s disabled. I first noticed it recently, enabled it, but every time I went back in it said it was disabled (yet it was still working, capturing & saving, and all I had to do to view was click ‘enable’).
I’ve restarted a couple of times, didn’t seem to change anything at the time. I’m pretty sure it auto-updates but not that confident because I don’t know my way around ipads - its only purpose for me is as an Alfred cam!. Not sure what else I can try, but right now it does say it’s enabled so maybe one of those things actually did work. Waiting to see…


BTW there is one other account allowed to view but I know they’re not playing with it (or even using it at all).



Thanks for reporting the issue!

For iOS device as Camera, please enable Guided Access to ensure your Camera not deter by other application and reduce app crash. You can find out how here:

Let us know if you find out anything.


Thanks, I’ll look into that, but I should add that the camera has been running for ages (can’t remember how long - maybe 2 years) without issue, it’s never used for anything else and there are no other apps running, nothing else the ipad is ever used for. This issue is new - a couple of weeks or so at most, I think…? And it’s still happening today. I’m out of ideas, I think I’ve tried everything!
I was wrong about it still recording btw - I thought it was lying about being disabled, but it’s enabled for about 5 seconds out of every 30 seconds, so it’s only working during those 5 seconds. It’s missing a lot!


Hi Im having the same issue. I have 5 iPads connected to the same account. All with guided access mode and two of them go into disabled mode and I can click in Webviewer to enable them again. Very weird



Thanks for reporting the issue!

We found that Alfred running on your devices is out of date. Could you please update Alfred on all of them to fix the issue?

Hope that helps!