Camera turns off whenever I go to work

Hello! So, every time I go to work, one or both cameras in my home stop working and I can’t wake them up. Back story: In the beginning, my bf set up multiple cameras and i was invited via email to join the circle so I could view the cameras too. Well, his phone dies often, and when it did/does, the Alfred cameras would turn off. It got super irritating.
I finally made a new Gmail account specifically for an Alfred account. I got two of my old phones, and hooked them up/connected to new Gmail account. I gave him the Gmail account and password, instead of inviting him via email to join circle. Now, it seems every time I go to work, the one camera turns off. I couldn’t figure out why. I would come home check the phone and the phone would be powered off.
So today, I’m trying to figure it out. I change the password on the Gmail-linked account and ask bf to log out of Alfred. I was then going to invite him via email to join the circle. As soon as he logged out, both cameras turned off and cannot be woken up from my phone/viewer. Anyone know what the problem is? Thanks!