Camera taken over by another app

Hi all
I use my Samsung tablet SMP550 as my viewer . I have been using Alfred for over 12 months no problem until today.
I got an alert message saying another app has taken over the camera so it’s disconnect ed!!!

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From your camera device goto settings/Apps/permissions depending on your Android version and remove all permissions from Apps that have access to your camera, reboot.

Thanks so much why didn’t I think of that !!!


@magglesmoo2 your welcome please keep us updated.

I went through every single app and no one has camera permissions now I will just activate as needed . Am having all sorts of weird stuff happening with this tablet lately …the other day I had an alert message saying it had Linux operating system …it should be android !
Thanks for your help I will give Alfred a test run later and let you know how it goes😎


Hello. I have also had this message pop up several times on my Samsung. Since the new update, it has been very unreliable. I have used this for a few years and now disappointed. I hope they resolve these issues, as this was a fantastic app.

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When I got home my camera picked up the motion detection of me walking into the room so I guess it was still working but when I did a camera health check there was insufficient data.
Yes I agree absolutely brilliant app that has never gone wrong.
I am going to test it out again shortly.
Let me know if you progress any further with a solution I will do likewise🤪

Thanks for the update. The regular updates do throw a few bolts in the cogs but are normally solved quickly. This happens on active Apps and covering such a wide variety of devices and different OSs.

I had the same thing on an old, cheap android. When I turned off the feature, use new v2 or whatever it’s called, that fixed the issue.

Yeah my devices are not that old and have never ever had a problem since I started using Alfred. I love this app problem seems to have gone now. :sunglasses:

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If someone’s already answered this I apologize for telling you again but the base of an Android operating system is actually Linux. I believe that’s where the similarities end though.

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Cool so is it…google used Linux to build android…or that they are both just open OS’s