Camera stops recording everyday at the same time

I have 2 cameras and one of them stop recording (both are on motion sensor) at 7:40pm everyday. I have shut down the app, restarted and turned off and back on, and uninstall & reinstall the app but it keeps doing the same thing. But when I open the camera to view everything is fine.

We have a stalker situations and are trying to get video of it. And said person seem to be getting bold again

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Hi Stéphane,

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We looked at your logs, chances are that your connection is not very stable.

What Alfred does when an Event is generated is uploading a snapshot first. In a few seconds, the video should follow. If the Internet is cut off before the video can be uploaded, however, you can’t find it in your Event Book.

Your WiFi level could be pretty good in general, but it gets disconnected a lot sometimes (for example when your provider limits the speed during peak hours).

If your WiFi signal is consistently weak, you might be able to benefit from an app called WiFi Analyzer to give you more insight on how WiFi signal looks in different spots in your place. You might need to consult a professional if a better spot can’t be found.

For more info about connectivity problems, please read:

We are sorry to hear about the stalker issue, please contact local legal assistance if needed.

Hope this helps!

The referenced help article nested in this reply seems to indicate that the viewer app must be connected to the internet for recording to occur. Is that correct? If so, this was not my experience initially. Does the app have to be running in the background at all times on the second device for motion detection recording to work properly? Or is it simply necessary for a viewer device to be registered and set up for the system to do its thing?

Trying to troubleshoot why my motion detection and video recording is becoming progressively less reliable over time.

Hi Brandon,

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First of all, please note that Motion Detection doesn’t work during live-viewing sessions.

As long as your Camera is connected to a stable network, Motion Detection should be working normally. Even if you don’t run Alfred on your Viewer phone, you can still find the recordings later in your Event Book.

On the other hand, to watch the live feed of your Camera, you have to make sure both the Viewer and Camera phone are well connected.

Let us know if you need further assistance.

You stated that motion detection doesn’t work during live feed. So in theory, if someone had access to my cameras without my knowledge, i.e. cloned viewer phone, they could turn live viewer on & motion would not be recorded on said camera phone?


Thanks for the inquiry!

Yes, Motion Detection doesn’t work during live-viewing sessions. Please make sure you only share your Camera with people you trust.

Also, you can manually record videos while you watch live feed! Please find out more about this feature here:

Hope this helps!