Camera stops recording each evening for 8 hours


Camera iPhone 5s
IOS latest
App version latest

I’ve noticed the past several days that this camera will not record for approximately 8 hours each evening. This occurs from approximately 9pm to 5am. Motion detector is always on and I know there is traffic/people walking during those hours. See attached screen shots of video list and status.

Thank you


I have the same problem but mine is usually during the day

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Did you mean to say that your cams health report is not accurate? It contradicts the description of your issue, you mention disconnects 8 hours each evening, yet w/ the exception of 3 instances all week for an hour each time, 3/7 @ 10am-11am, 3/10 & 3/12, both @ 11pm-12am, the cams connected the entire time, all green rectangles…
Perhaps, this maybe the reason for the amount of replies received?
Please clarify…


Mine has a few disconnects every day. I think I have had maybe two 24 solid hours connection since I started using the app. Mine always records all the time. It keeps a 60+ % wifi connection most all the time. My modem says its has a -50 to -60 dbm connection all the time and -67 dbm is enough for streaming video so that should be fine. I don’t understand all the disconnects but have no recording issues other than the normal wish list most of us want (set recording length for motion).


EDIT: I do not press the power button after going into save mode with Alfred since a couple days ago when I changed all my wifi settings for another issue.


Where is the contradiction? I said it doesn’t record for 8 hours each day. My status screen shot shows it’s connected. My video list shows it’s not recording. If it’s connected and motion detection is on, then it should record if traffic and people are moving. This did not happen before the last update.


Good info ewatts thanks. I’m going to check my modem stats.


Hi @justadawg,

Thank you for reaching out!

That’s odd. We take a look at the logs. Could you try enter Guided Access mode after you set up your iPhone Camera to see whether you get the same result? Keep us posted!


Hi Luke,

I followed your instructions and entered Guided Access mode with no change. The 4s is in the garage and it’s too dark for any recording so that’s ok. The 5s views the front of the house which has quite a bit of light. I just thought it strange that it stopped recording a couple hours after it got dark and started recording a couple hours before it gets light. I really think it’s a light issue and not the apps fault. Works perfectly during the day. Really appreciate your help :slight_smile:


:roll_eyes:interesting same problem



Welcome to Alfred Center!

Could you please tell us a bit more about the issue so we can look into it for you? To check if Motion Detection works on your device during a certain period, please follow the instructions below:

Go to your Camera > Make sure you are online > Turn on Motion Detection > Wait until it starts working > Put your hand in front of the lens

Now, there are three things we need you to check:

  1. Check if you are seeing a recording sign on the top right corner of your Camera phone
  2. Check if you receive a notification on your Viewer phone
  3. Check if you can find the Events in your Event Book. (it is on the bottom-right corner on Camera’s thumbnail)

Please note that Alfred’s Motion Detection doesn’t work when there is a live session going on. Don’t forget to close the live session during the test.

Let us know if you find out anything abnormal in the process.