Camera stops recording and turns black screen



the camera stops working without motives, it is black screen in the app and webview, when this happens it also stops recording motion detection.
I listen to the audio … sometimes I do not hear anything. only the black screen.
this only solves if it is where the camera is and restart it. has generated problems because the camera is hidden and it takes a lot of work to access the camera to restart.

(I use premium version)


I disabled the camera and re-habilitated … after a few minutes it came back working … but I lost the recording of movements until now



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Sorry for the inconvenience: you might have encountered a bug in the version you are currently running on your devices. The great news is a new version that addresses the bug has already rolled out! Please update Alfred and let me know if this happens again.

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I have the same problem when using Alfred in my browser, tried it in all browsers, same problem! :frowning:



Thanks for reporting the issue!

Could you go through this checklist to see if the problem can be eliminated?

Let us know if it helps!