Camera On/Off Schedule


Hello Alfred creators! I’ve been using this product for a couple weeks, and just decided to make the switch to premium. What really made me decided was the ability to set a motion detection schedule. Nice work - although it has some bugs, I think it’s definitely on it’s way!

Ok enough blabber, sorry! I really believe that Alfred needs a feature to also turn the cameras on and off with a schedule. I like the idea of having the camera on all the time, but for me I’d prefer to have the cameras turn off during certain times of the day.

Alfred team, would you please consider adding this feature?

Thank you!


Thanks for the suggestion, Jacob!

For now, you can disable (and re-enable) the Camera with Alfred’s Remote Switch:

We will also look into the possibility of Camera on/off schedule. Would you like to let us know more about why you want it to be turned off during certain times of the day?

Also, if you find any abnormality with Motion Detection Schedule, feel free to tell us at any time so that we could improve the feature accordingly!

Keep us posted.


Hi Ricardo, thanks for the response!

In regards to the Motion Detection bug, would you like me to explain in this thread, or start a new one in the appropriate place for bugs submissions?

Regarding the Camera On/Off schedule feature. First reason is, for my situation, we’re using our cameras to monitor our home during active construction. My wife is concerned about privacy. Having the cameras running all the time, doesn’t feel comforting to her but rather intrusive. I understand the possibility of “hackers” somehow watching us. For good reason too, because we have read news on this exact invasion of privacy happening before. To give her -and others who could feel the same way- peace of mind. I believe Alfred should have the option to schedule the cameras to turn off. This would also be another great upselling feature for premium subscription!

The second reason is, with respect to the first reason, it’s rather time consuming to turn the cameras on and off every day -especially when you have 3 or 4 active. I would believe that there are others who would feel the same as we do about having the ability to switch the cameras off automatically with a set schedule. Along with this feature, naturally I would expect to receive a notification to advise me that the cameras have been turned off by my schedule request. I would also have the option to “pause” that schedule for a period of time -similar to the pausing of notifications.

I hope this helps explain a bit better. Hoping your team can consider adding this feature!


Hey Jacob,

Thanks so much for sharing with us how you’d like to utilize the Camera on/off schedule. The story truly helps us understand more about how our users feel and what you need. We will make sure to deliver the idea to our team. :slight_smile:

You can simply tell us the Motion Detection Schedule bugs you found here. We’d like to fix it as soon as possible.


I second this request - I have a little cottage and I ended up disabling the living room camera because it is impossible to walk from the bathroom to my bedroom without being seen in the living room. Also, if the basket of clean unfolded laundry happens to be on the couch… yikes!

The living room camera was good to see how exactly my cats are getting on high spots when I’m not home (and try to block them later) & also to see that they(cats) are torturing the kenneled dogs. I have more empathy towards the dogs now.


Got it, Ambil. Our team will look into this request more carefully. Also, your story is very interesting to us. Feel free to share more of your experience with us here at Alfred Center!


I admit I wasn’t sure how to phrase it tactfully however I doubt I’m the only person with a single floor, no master bathroom, small home that has that kinda of privacy snafu. I used to be able to go in and delete the individual videos of concern.
To be honest, whomever drew up the floor plan for the houses in my neighborhood was seriously impractical in many ways. The location/price of the neighborhood is very good though.


Greeting Alfred Folks,
I am 3’rd in this request. I travel alot ( 330 days a year). I use your wonderful app in my hotel room. Most of the times I am so jet lagged and can’t think straight enough to remember to shut off my cameras when I get back to my room. A nice on/off time would be great… OR … a geo-fence/bluetooth type of system would be better.

Thank you all.