Camera Occasionally Sways & Triggers Motion Dection (Even on Low Setting)



Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera - Camera has the problem
Device Model Name: Samsung Galaxy S6
OS Version: Android Latest Version that phone supports
AppVersion: Latest Version

I have motion detection setup on Low setting. I get dozens of notifications a day with virtually nothing happening. Here is a video. - The only thing I can tell is that there seems to be a slight “sway” in the video panning from left to right very slowly. I’m not sure why this is happening, the phone is resting on a bookshelf without any movement around, no AC/Heat Vents, etc.

Why would this be happening?

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for joining us Alfred Center and sharing your video with us!

This looks very strange. Could it be possible that the Camera received a notification and made the vibrations which moved the phone a bit? Does this issue happen often?

Keep us posted!


I’m trying two things this week to see if it helps. Disabled the constant focus feature. Disabled all other apps abilities to send notifications. Will let you know if that helps. Yes, it was happening dozens of times a day.


@mmorrison22 set up another one to watch the other one, put it close with graph paper behind it to see if it’s the device moving or the focus. If it’s the focus, what’s it focusing on that you can’t see ???