Camera keeps going offline


Please check your camera’s log. It should look something like this.

you need to check your WiFi signal and make sure that the battery is staying charged.


Hi @evans.amanda09,

Thank you for reaching out!

Please run a quick Camera Health Check to see if the power supply/connection can be improved:

In the meantime, please try disable the notification from other apps on your Camera Phone, and avoid making the Camera enter power-saving mode by design. Instead, tap the Lock icon on the bottom right corner after you set up Camera. It will dim the screen and save the battery for you.

Hope it helps!


I actually already do all of the things you both have suggested. No notifications from other apps since almost all apps on that phone are already disabled. Also, I did check the log and it shows WiFi is always connected and hasn’t disconnected and the battery has also not had any issues. The log does show the service cutting out though, but it doesn’t appear to be related to WiFi or battery or other apps and doesn’t show anything else explaining why it may have disconnected.


Oh and the health check actually says “everything looked great”.


App version “android 1552 (latest version)”.


Uninstall or disable all apps on the camera phone that have nothing to do with Alfred or the WiFi. You could also try a app that check’s all your back ground service. It’s amazing what your phone is doing when it’s doing nothing.


I’m well informed on background processes and there are very minimal applications running. The only apps running are what are needed for the phone to operate. As I’ve stated previously, all apps are disabled. This is an issue that is more than likely with Alfred itself.


Okay cool. I hope one of the Alfred team can help you or assist you further with your issues.


Would it be possible to swap the device during the nap time and see if the same situation occurs ?


I have the same problem, with both an iPhone (4S) and iPad (original Mini). Both are stripped down to only the necessities, all notifications are turned off, are in Guided Access mode, and the wifi signal is steady around 55 at the iPhone’s and 65 at the iPad’s location. They work fine for several days, then just go offline, for no evident reason. Not at the same time, just randomly. Once one quits, it won’t reconnect until I quit Alfred and restart it. I hoped to use Alfred to monitor my house when I’m away for several weeks at a time, but it just isn’t reliable enough.



We’re sorry for what you have experienced. We have updated Alfred on App Store to fix this issue. Please go to our App Store page and update Alfred on your Cameras to the latest version.

Also, please ensure you have enabled Guided Access to prevent disconnections caused by app crash.

Hope it helps!


I do not have WiFi in my home. I only have hot spot from my working phone which is great…but…when i leave my home i lose connection on my cameras. I really need to figure out how i can still use my hot spot while I’m away. I cannot afford WiFi right now


@herthreegirls I think you are getting slightly mixed up. Alfred needs an internet connection to function. Normally your device will connect to the internet through WiFi so without an internet connection at your premises then Alfred will be unable to serve your needs.


Yes, I’ve had Guided Access on all along. I’ve now updated to the new version (build 870) and will see how it goes.


@herthreegirls there are other Apps that will record locally ie. to an SD card on your device without internet connection required.


The new version seems to be working. It hasn’t required restarting for a couple of weeks now. Thanks.


Use Baby Monitor - Live Streaming from Alfred Company


Factory Restore all phones, Install Alfred, See if problem still persists


Spoke too soon. It does continue to go offline on me. It now has a particular pattern: it happens when I switch to the front camera for a moment, then switch back to the back (regular) camera. It doesn’t go offline every time I do that, but when it does go offline that’s usually when it does.


Sounds like some kind of REFRESH issue when the camera switches, it is technically disconnecting the camera feed and quickly continuing on next camera chosen. As long as it isn’t disconnecting all the time while its on motion detection, or original camera chosen to view.