"Camera is offline" but still takes videos

Hello. Great app! Glad I paid for premium!
Question: I set up two cameras on the same network.
As soon as I set up the second one, the first one started giving me message "The device is offline (5016)"
It is still taking and logging videos, but I cannot watch live as I can with my other camera.
I wish to be able to watch both cameras live when I want to .

My camera device:
Motorola Moto X pure.
android version: Nougat

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Hi @papamalo,

Thank you for reaching out!

We take a look at the logs. It seems recently your Camera Phone has gone offline frequently. Please run a quick Camera Health Check to see if the power supply/connection can be improved:

In the meantime, you may try moving your Camera Phone at a different angle and place them on different places to see whether the situation persists.

Hope it helps!

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i thinks it is in auto mode when camera is in auto mode then its automatically work but i have also faced this issue then i contact geek squad canada they solve my all problem they deals in technical things and well set my camera

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How yo set ip more cameras?

Hi @mcj87924 ,

Welcome to Alfred!

There is no limit to the number of devices you can add to your account! Just download Alfred on all the devices, log in with the same Gmail, and set them as Camera/Viewer depending on your needs.

Give this a go and let us know if it works!

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