Camera goes offline


Nexus 6 as a camera running 1518. Device with motion deactivated will go offline after est 12 hours or so. Also a Nexus 7 and Sammy Note 2, not affected. In trying to remedy the Nexus 6, which was running Lineage OS 14.1, I reverted back to the latest Google Nougat factory image, however, goes offline. So put the Nexus 6 back to the last official Marshmallow factory image, however, same problem. I tried not optimizing the battery, thinking doze mode may have been the issue. Nothing gained. Phone does not wish to reawaken from either the viewer phone or the web viewer.

My compliments to your team for the new interface with Google Assistant. Great feature. However, when the Nexus 6 is down, it won’t turn either of the remaining cameras, indicating something went wrong with my motion detection.

Thanks so much.


Please disregard for now, appears a connectivity issue. Still don’t know why it happens, but will try a wifi reset app and see what happens. But if you do have suggestions, would be appreciated.