Camera disappeared from list of devices


I had 2 cameras set up at home when i went to work this morning. Both were working as they should. I even watched both live at one point while at work. A couple hours into my day the one camera wasnt in my list of devices anymore. My gf had done something to the device so i couldnt view it. The issue is shouldnt i still have previous moments viewable on my viewer that led up to her disabling the camera. So hypothetically someone could break in walk right up to the camera and deactivate it and all the video being captured while theyre doing this never gets seen by the viewer? Thats kind of baffling. Shouldnt the viewer get access to everything up the point of turning off from the cam end?


@kchockenberry this is possible only if another person has access to the Gmail account or the device which hasn’t been locked with a pin.



If the Camera goes offline, you could still see it on your Camera list. The reason that you can’t see it anymore is that it has already been logged out. However, if you log back in again, you will still be able to find the motion events captured by the Camera.

For Android Camera, please try our passcode lock to help you lock your phone:

For iOS device, please try to enable Guided Access. You can check out how here:

Also, please save/download your videos by following the instructions here in the future:

Let us know if you need further assistance.