Camera device hacked?

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    Camera - Vortex Beat 8
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My camera device does not have service nor does it have a SIM card. I connect it through Alfred with my home wifi. My home wifi is the only way my phone/camera can connect to the internet or to Alfred. Without it there shouldn’t be a connection.
In the screen shot I am sending you the graph shows that the wifi was completely turned off from the router, not on the phone/camera. The phone/camera was plugged into a USB charger/data cable, & had not moved from where it was located when I turned off the router.
My question: How is it possible for Alfred to detect that my phone/camera is still connected to a power source with the wifi turned completely off on the router when the phone/camera device does not have phone service? If the wifi in my home is the only connection Alfred has to the internet, how does Alfred show in the graph that my phone/camera was still charging long after the wifi had been shut off? The only way that could happen would be if Alfred was connecting to another wifi, or access point & transmitting the data to you. Without my home wifi turned on, you shouldn’t be able to connect to my phone/camera to see if it’s plugged into a power source or not. From the moment you can clearly see the wifi turn off in the graph, there shouldn’t be any more information transmitted to you about my phone/camera. Except l there was. How were you able to do that without the phone/camera being connected to my home wifi?

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Alfred stores the data locally then transmits the information when reconnected, try turning your WiFi off and getting anything from Alfred,.
It’s just like when your computer crashes then after you reboot it it tells you that it has recovered from a kernel error or a memory dump.
Please return all tin foil hats to the store unless you own an Apple device then best keep it.

Like you, this kind of thing never crossed my mind before it happened to me. If I didn’t have proof that Alfred, NOT Google, NOT Firefox, NOT the cell phone’s or camera’s manufacturers, but ALFRED continues to connect to my phone/camera after I have turned my home wifi completely off, then I would be flawed in my thinking as well. The phone I am referring to has no service & no SIM card. How is it that Alfred clearly shows in the wifi/power level graph that the phone was still being charged long after the wifi was shut off? How is that possible? Reading of the power level should have cut off when the wifi cut off, not continued to be read. Without a wifi connection, there should not have been a connection. So how was there?

The Wifi/Power Level line graph shows that I turned my wifi off on the router at 22:00 hours. See the yellow line? How it drops down to 0 right between 20:00 & 00:00? That means I unplugged my router at 10:00pm. But somehow, Alfred was able to continue detecting that my phone was plugged into a power source until 08:00 hours, or 8:00am. That’s 10 hours after there shouldn’t be any way for Alfred to detect anything my phone is doing. How is that possible? Please don’t insult my intelligence by responding with a smart-ass answer like last time. I am an adult so I expect an adult to respond, not an imbecile or a moron wearing a tin foil hat.

I own an Apple device because of ignorant ppl like you.

Good for you Sir. Apple products are specific for people such as yourself to offer you the confidence to use the latest technology without the worry of being able to understand it, Perhaps that is one of the reasons why Apple can get away with their dodgy business practices ?
Please excuse my earlier pun about the tin foil hat it was a light hearted attempt at humour and believe me I’m not ignorant, arrogant maybe but not ignorant.
Good day

Reading the power level and charge state has absolutely nothing to do with wifi connectivity. Here are the Android developer docs for reading charge and power state:

Check your list of known networks to make sure there are no other networks in range that it will connect to. Also, do you have multiple SSIDs on your router and only turned off one? Or maybe multiple radios but didn’t turn them all off? Try doing a 2.4ghz and 5ghz scan to ensure that there are truly no known wifi networks in range. If the device doesn’t have a connection and there’s no Sim card, it physically does not have the means to transmit data. If anything, it is just assuming the charge state hasn’t changed, or it could be a bug where it’s reading the same state from a database. I am a software engineer and I can tell you confidently that it’s extremely likely that this is just a bug if it is not intentionally predicting the device’s charge state.


That’s what I was going to say. But sometimes people can’t see the wood for the trees

Hi @annoyed082 ,

According to our engineers, the cache of battery stats are stored in the local device and will send to the server every couple of hours. Therefore, the battery stats will be kept on your device during the offline period and will upload when the device is connected to the network again. However, there’s a limitation on the local cache storage. Therefore, if the device goes offline too long, some part of the data stored in the previous time will be cleared.

Your privacy and information security are our top priorities and we hope this helps. If you still have any concern, please let me know.



Oh ok. So you’re saying the phone connected to a power source is recorded in the phone itself even though it isn’t connected to wifi & it doesn’t have service? Then the next time it connects, it tells Alfred my phone was still plugged in, though not to my wifi?
I didn’t turn off one radio or another. I have 2 SSID’s, except I have none when I unplug my router from the wall. There is no backup battery in my router either. I guess my phone could have connected to another wifi source, even though my phone shows none other than mine that it was connected to. Besides, if it had connected to another wifi source, wouldn’t it show on the graph? It doesn’t just show my wifi it connects to. It shows any as long as there is a connection.

I have a couple of theories I have yet to test that would explain most of the issues that I’ve been having using Alfred.