Camera currently connected by Webviewer (1018)

When I try to view the live feed of my camera on my viewer phone it says, “The Camera is currently connected by webviewer. Please make sure the other Viewer is closed and try again. (1018)”

There is not an open webviewer.

When I try to view the camera’s live feed on the webviewer it just shows the loading spinner and never opens the video player. It eventually times out and just shows a grey background screen.

I have tried logging out and clearing the history and cache on both my viewer computer and phone. Logging into another webviewer computer and another viewer phone. No change.

The camera is an ios device so I can not change the viewer priorities.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Anyone having this issue? Any suggestions? @ricardo @luke.yeh

Same here. I logout of Webview on the laptop, but I still get the message on my phone app.


I’ve shut down my computer to try and reset the “currently connected by webview” with no success.


Has anyone gotten an answer/solution for this? I’m encountering this problem as well but only when I view from the same computer as before that prompted the issue… once camera is “reset” it is fine on the app again. Would like to utilize the webviewer… @ricardo @luke.yeh

None of the App staff will help you here. Your on your own. Best option is to buy an IP camera you can pick them up for £15 and this will resolve all your issues.