Camera connections check VS cable internet an wifi



Hi I have been having some major issues with my cameras crashing and dropping off and they’re not logging back in automatically or resisting being woken up. I thought that there was something wrong with the app and sometimes there has been a need to upgrade that was making the problem worse however now that I know how to check that stuff and issue it across all other connection activity I have worked out that since I got the cable TV my unlimited connection with Wi-Fi is absolutely shocking it’s almost impossible to rely on it without the phones backing themselves up with their own accounts on SIM cards with credit. Being able to do this is also what makes this system so cool and infallible when it comes to the crunch and you have a smart crook on the job. love all the hard work you guys have been doing over the years as a client and the fact that you actually listen to your customers and address the problems is appreciated by a lot of us👍 One big problem I’m hoping you can help me with is that Apple has been charging me for over a year for premium which I was using on entire android setup but then stopped using because my new monitor iPhone would not install the premium app and it did not work however stupidly as the subscription payment is hidden on iPhone and statement info is ambiguous o thought I was unsubscribed when deleting the unused app I installed but have been getting charged for it each month since that event. I would now like to go back to premium maybe you guys could cut me a deal I don’t want a cash refund but maybe you can give me some added credit to compensate me for my loss as it’s a significant cost over 24 months. If Premium app is working on my iPhone7 now I will upgrade.
A free trial period would be good as it would have helped with my mistake changing from android to Apple all the accounts and phones confuse me and I got ripped off😐 very good diagnostic info worth every cent I wish my internet was of the same standard!


Hey Mark,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

First of all, please go to Alfred’s App Store or Google Play page and update Alfred to the latest version:

You should be able to use Alfred at its most immediately.

As for the App Store subscription issue, since the purchase is controlled by Apple, not Alfred, you might have to report it to Apple for further assistance. On the other hand, we will also keep you notified with the latest discount or special event. Please stay tuned! :slightly_smiling_face:

Let us know if you have any other feedback/question.


@mjadolphus71 Hi Mark. Can you please explain your connection problem a little more concisely. From what I can make out is that you have an unlimited internet connection which you access by WiFi and you seem to think that your latest addition of a smart TV has sucked up your WiFi bandwidth so you have given your camera devices their own data SIM cards with credit so they work and paid the Alfred subscription for two years without knowing it ? If this is the case then I have a bridge for sale my friend.
Please tell me I have misread your post.


Had a tech here, told me the service I have lacks upload, coupled with the supplied router that has two channels 2.5ghz and a 5ghz that keep swapping around for whatever reason… it’s stuffing my Alfred

Yes Apple subscription was actively taking my money however for some reason my Alfred on the new Apple was not upgrade version ??? They wouldn’t give me money back because they are Aholes. And just so special…And yes it took me over a year to find out where they hide the info that shows your money is being taken… nothing is labled So it’s all nice and confusingly deceptive


Hey Mark,

From our logs, your Premium service has expired. If you were charged but the subscription was gone, please forward a copy of the receipt you received from Google Play/App Store/PayPal so we can take a look and fix this for you ASAP.