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When Alfred is installed on a phone that has 2 rear cameras, is there a way to choose which one to use?

When would such a feature be available?

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No. The drivers for the camera communicate with the software as one, the software reads the firmware as one device but using both cameras and basically merges them for the best results depending on the scenery or subject.

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Well then Pink (Floyd)… what is it gonna do with my 3??? Lol. :grin:

I bet that’s a great for an onvif live feed.

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You sure? Because I solved a similar issue, when updated a drivers

Strange, but if that helped you, it might be worth a try for others.
If this is still a solution to the problem, then I update the drivers using the software from this review I’ll leave it here, maybe someone will come in handy.

Ultimately it’s down to the OEM to decide how much access or control we have over our device but then there’s also the security settings within Android.

Pinky, just curious what’s behind ur choice in User/Screen name?

My first Alfred device is an lg which cost £20 which has a pink back cover, I set it up with it’s own Gmail just for the Alfred account. I used pink as a reference to the device and Lee as my name and of course a famous line from Rizo.

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