Camera App Frequently Crashes


Hello- i have 3 cameras in my account. The app crashes within 24 hours of starting on each phone

. I sometimes get more than one day without crashing. Never more than that. Internet is always up and more than 50% signal. I recently purchased the month-to-month plan to see if my camera apps would stop crashing. No change. I noticed many people experience this. Will this problem be fixed? I would be satisfied if iPhone had a way to auto-restart when apps crash, but this is not available from what I can see. This app would be great if I could rely on it staying online.

Which device has the problem? Camera
Device Model Name: multiple iPhone 4s
OS Version: Up to date
AppVersion: 692

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Hi @jasoncombs7,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

We are sorry to hear what you’ve experienced. To avoid the Camera Phone crash, please try Guided Access to ensure your Camera not deter by other application. You can see how here:

In the meantime, please try disable the notification setting from other applications and dismiss them in the background.

Hope it helps!