Camera 2 A Big Battery Drain When Plugged In

I have tested over several days and have found that Camera 2 is a big battery drain when plugged in. This caused the camera device battery to drain and shut down.

Camera 1 is fine and does not drain the battery in your camera device while plugged in. Stays at 100% battery.

Tests were performed using the same conditions on both cameras from the app, on the same device. All advice from this site was performed.

This presents a problem if you have paid for the pro for one year, as you can’t use the zoom or people detection on camera 1. Camera 2 just drains the battery and shuts down. What good is that for a security camera app?

This needs to be fixed or give a refund.

Camera Device: MotoE2
OS: Android ? 5 ?
View Device: LgK9
OS: Android 6

No refund here. You have the app for free then if you are happy with your setup of your devices over your network and internet service then you subscribe to the longer secure cloud storage and a few little extras. It isn’t Alfred’s fault that your camera device keeps dying.

It is obvious you didn’t read the post or didn’t comprehend what it said.

Alfred provides the App free for you to test your hardware, If you decide to go Pro without testing properly then that’s your issue. Alfred isn’t responsible for your hardware or the setup or settings. If you leave your camera device unsecured and your Gmail gets hacked would you blame Alfred for that too ?
I don’t need to read your post fully because I’ve seen these whinges plenty of times before and comprehension isn’t a problem for me.

I have always said that the full Alfred App should be available to test the usefulness and limitations of the users hardware and setup and the subscription should be for the best and most valuable part of Alfred and that is the secure cloud storage.

Looks like I’ve been hit by your battery drain bug.


Camera 1 didn’t drain the battery. Camera one is what I have for the free & paid, and the battery stays at 100%. Camera 2 is the one draining the battery. The program for camera 2 does not see the device as being plugged in. You will also see that the tests were done under the same conditions with both cameras. There is a problem with Camera two’s program. I am updated on the app.

This is what I mean about the program for camera 2 not noticing that the device is on charge There is not a charging lighting bolt inside the battery icon on the device that I use for a camera, but there is when using camera 1.

Either way it’s your device which you are responsible for.