Cam App Viewer Won't Load - Huawei Android



My viewer has the problem. I’m running it off of a Huawei Mate SE. My husband’s iPhone 6 works perfectly fine, and so does the webviewer. This leads me to believe it’s my phone viewer not working. I’m running Android Oreo and the latest Alfred app.

Any ideas?


@lindseybell93 I am also using a Huawei honour LLD-L31 in Oreo and Alfred works fine, Could you try uninstalling Alfred and reinstall it then log back in making sure that you grant all permissions.


I’ve tried all of that multiple times. :confused:


Hey Lindsey,

We took a look at the logs and saw that the connection can be properly established between your two devices, but you exit the session within a few seconds!

Please give Alfred a little more time and see what happens. Also, we noticed that Alfred on your Camera phone and your husband’s iPhone 6 are not the latest versions.

Please visit Alfred’s App Store or Google Play page and update Alfred to the latest version:

If you still experience the issue after the updates, please let us know.


I updated the camera phone and I still get the error code of 7001 whenever I try to load it on my Android phone. The iPhone 6 still loads it fast with no problems.


Hey Lindsey,

7001 indicates an internet issue on your Viewer phone. Have you tried to connect to a different network and try again? You can try a different WiFi or connect to the WiFi hotspot of your husband’s iPhone and see if it helps. Keep us posted if you find out anything!


I’ve tried connecting to various networks and still have had no luck. Getting the same code. The internet works fine for everything else on the phone.


Hey Lindsey,

Would you be able to send us a screenshot of what you see on the Viewer phone? It would be very helpful for us to identify the issue. Thanks for the help!