Burglary caught in the act

I have a question about the circumstances of my story. The story I must tell first. Last night my son & I drove to the store & came back home. I always utilize Alfred with several of my old, & newer Android phones whenever I leave. The neighborhood I live in Alfred is amazing. Without it I wouldn’t have a single thing left to my name because I would have been cleaned out a long time ago. Anyways, I had my newest phone still turned on in my garage when we got home from the store. I parked on the street instead of in my garage, & we went inside my apartment for awhile so I could charge my iPhone viewer phone & unload my car before I put it back in the garage. I plugged my phone in to charge & left it in another room out of sight & ear shot, not thinking that someone would be brave enough to break in my garage while I was at home. A while later I went to put my car in the garage, when I noticed my garage was unlocked. That surprised me because I always lock it. I opened the door & it appeared no one had been in my garage because nothing was missing & the door was shut, just not locked. So I drove my car into the garage & parked it, got out. When I went to retrieve my phone I had left with Alfred turned on, it wasn’t where I had left it. It wasn’t anywhere at all. It was gone. So I immediately went inside & looked at the recordings of my garage from my viewer phone. Someone came into my garage & took my phone when they saw it, & realized they were being recorded. Nothing else was taken from my garage, thank God! It could have been a lot worse if they had. Anyways, I tried using Find My Device to locate my stolen phone, but the criminals have already taken the battery out of it or turned it off. So I can’t find it that way. What I do have is a 15 second clip in night vision of what looks like a man & a woman, coming into my garage with a bright flashlight, & I assume they took my phone, since it is gone & the last shot is of their flashlight pointed directly at my phone.

My question is this, why for the stolen android phone under the device health checkup, does it not show the chart or the graph in real time, true time all the way up to when the device was taken & turned off? I have a video clip of the strangers entering my garage at 11:26pm, but the chart only shows until 9pm, & the graph doesn’t show anything at all!! So I can’t tell what power level my phone was at when they took it, & I can’t see the wifi level either. The chart is 2 hours early as far as the time it cuts off because my phone recorded them over 2 hours later. The chart should show the true time it shut off, not 2 hours before said event, & the graph should definitely not say “We don’t have enough information yet…” & it be blank.
As far as I’m concerned, I think that’s bullshit on Alfred’s part. More like chicken shit helping thieves burglarize homes using your app is more than just my imagination seeing as you’re holding out on critical information that I need for no other reason I can think of. People need to know what you’re all about. If I’m wrong, please update my stolen devices health checkup information to real time, & explain to me what the problem is.

How is that information helpful regarding your situation? It is not going to help you recover your phone any faster and you know when they took your phone because of the videos timestamp. Use Google’s android device manager to at least erase your phone and maybe get a location next time they power it up. Learn to lock your doors and be aware of your surroundings at all times. And who charges their phone in a garage? Looks like you wanted to give that phone away.

I’m trying hard not to be sarcastic, but when did I ever say anything about charging my phone in the garage? My phone was charged 100%. It didn’t need charging.
Unless you’re on this forum for some other reason, isn’t Alfred used as a security camera on android phones? That’s why it was in my garage. That’s why I’ve got video of who broke into my garage & took it, as well as them talking & what they say.
My question is why is the camera health check info not current as of the time they took the phone. I have other phones that are current as of right now, but why isn’t that one current?


Thank you for sharing your story with us. We are sorry to hear about the theft.

For now, the Camera Health Check is updated every 2 hours. If the connection is unstable or cut off during the data being delivered, the information might not show until it renews next time. What’s more, if the burglar doesn’t connect the device to internet or has already closed the Alfred app, the data cannot be uploaded successfully. Please wait a while to see if the data shows on the Health Check page.

Let me know if you need more information and we wish you good luck finding the device! To give your account extra protection, try Alfred’s Passcode Lock next time:

My phone was not plugged in to a charger because it was fully charged when I placed it in my garage. I wasn’t going to be gone that long so charging it was unnecessary. It did not have phone service. It was connected to my Wi-Fi. My garage is not a connected garage, it is located in back, accessed through an alley & separate from the apartment building. Besides, when the incident occurred, we were back home, inside my apartment… I had turned the notifications for Alfred to silent because I have 1 camera phone that constantly has the motion detection activated even with the sensitivity set to low. There is no way that I know of to disable notifications for that one camera phone, without silencing them for all of my camera devices at the same time.
Update: I received an email from a local agency that receives donations of items for their clients & to sell in their thrift stores. Someone placed my phone in one of their donation bins.