Bullshit app

Useless security app, constantly turns off the camera or goes offline for no apparent reason. I do NOT reccomend as a security camera

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Hi, thank you for reaching out to Alfred.

Could you tell us a bit more about the problem so we can look into it for you? We’d like to figure things out for you! Screenshot or videos can be really helpful. In the meantime, you might also find some quick fix from our FAQ:


Keep us posted!


Could you please go to your Camera phone and make sure Alfred is running onscreen?

We found that if Alfred is running in the background on the Camera phone, the Viewer tends to receive the error message you mentioned.

Get this all the time and wont come back up until i manually restart the camera phone, got to be able to remotely restart it


To solve the 7011 issue, please follow the steps below:

Camera end

  1. ​Do NOT press the home key or power key after you open Alfred.
  2. Set your Camera in a place with stronger network reception : https://alfred.camera/forum/t/512947
  3. For android 8.0 and higher, disable power-saving or battery optimization mode for Alfred.
  4. For AUSU, Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi, please review additional settings here: https://alfred.camera/forum/t/1601295
  5. For iOS Camera, please enable Guided Access from the instrunctions here: https://alfred.camera/forum/t/1018
  6. Switch back to Camera version 1.0
  7. Update to the latest app version 4.1.12

Viewer end

  1. Give Alfred a little more time and see what happens.
  2. Connect the Viewer to another network or try our WebViewer (https://alfred.camera/webapp2/) to watch the live feed.
  3. Switch the Camera’s lens to front/back and switch it back when the issue occurs.

Hope it helps!

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Multiple complaints about the same shit and no real solution. Again i am over an hour away, wifi on both ends is perfect and yet still cant do shit with it. I am glad i haven’t paid for the full version because this really sucks balls!!!

So are you saying that you don’t really get on with Alfred ?

Do you have an actual solution to the problem?

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Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please go to your Camera, restart the phone, and reinstall Alfred.

After signing in Alfred with your account and setting up the Camera, please make sure you press the lock icon on the bottom right of the Camera.

Do NOT press the Home button or Power button since it may deter the operation.

If you still see the 7001 message, please let me know.

Yup happened again today, over an hour away and no way to remotely restart the camera.

And here I am yet again with the same old bullshit, you guys advertise a certain app or service yet cant fix it for the masses that complain about the same shit… once I get home the app is gone and I’ll find one that’s more useful

Fault 7011 this time, am able to check status and see battery level but no live feed, pretty fucking useless in my eyes

Anyone ever gunna fix this shit or what??? Today I get motion notifications and clips but cannot live feed

How do you lock your device ? Power button or PIN ? I’ve been having this problem with one of my devices when I lock it.

Lmao seriously, your crying about a free app. Haha GTFO! Lol Go buy a real security system and stop crying about a fuckin app. Haha


I agree with your sentiments. The personal attack is a little harsh or maybe not in my unqualified opinion.

Poor kid using his mom’s old phone as a security system haha “I’m an hour away” haha call ur mom and ask her if she would be kind enough to plug in her old non activated android so you can keep playing detective… Hahaha

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I love the app. I have 2 phones Apple, and droid and 1 I pad and all three work all the time perfectly. The app connects flawlessly. I can’t say anything bad about this app