Bulging batteries

Hello, I am a long time user and have 5 Alfred cams. I do have to report a serious problem I have came across. I have had to replace every battery in all 5 of my cell phones. The batteries litterly swell up in the middle after long time constant charging. Several soo much the back cover would not stay on any longer. This is for sure a safety issue. My recommendation is roughly every 6mo’s- to a year replace the batteries or change out the battery with replacement ones and keep switching them out. These included new phones, old phones and none are the same kind of phone. It is not expensive to replace the batteries of say Ebay roughly $4-12 dollars each in my case. The problem happened in each phone about a year or so in. - Shawn

Hi @skgries1,

Thank you for reaching out!

I am sorry to hear about the batteries. Many factors play a role here, including how long the devices served as your main phones, how old they are, how good the mechanism that stops overcharging is, an so on. If you can, we suggest you unplug the devices for a few hours a day or switch them off with Alfred’s Remote Switch:

Using charging accessories from the manufacturers helps as well.

I hope this will help prolong the life expectancy of your new batteries! Please keep me posted.

Ty very much I did not know about a remote switch.

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I have the same problem with a galaxy s3 and S4 phones.

Hi @jimdurborow,

Thank you for reaching out!

Would you be able to give the charger with timer idea a go? Phone batteries do have a life span, but a timer or Alfred’s Remote Switch should prolong it!

Let us know if it helps!

Way to many issues with this app. Phones not charging correctly, batteries overheating, etc. You can buy a new HD FOR system with 8 cameras and view them on your phone for no cost. Total system is around $300. I would suggest that these bugs/fire hazards get fixed or just switch over to a reliable DVD based internet system. I would like to hear suggestions from Alfred. If a battery catches fire then what? Thanks.


It’s true it is a worry. One user suggested a timer to cut down on constant charging. I think that is a good idea.
Though if you have outages constantly as I do, false positives can be a pain.

The fact remains, we are using phones, some of which have issues without using this app.
We’ve seen and read the news…

Until someone creates a camera unit specifically for this purpose. I doubt the problem will go away.

Sadly :hushed:

@vegasfordguy while this is perfectly true, Alfred is an App which is available as a free app and if you want to upgrade then you can. If for some reason you think it’s not safe to use or doesn’t suit your needs then you don’t actually have to use it. There are plenty of alternatives both free and payed for, As the consumer the choice is yours. If you need a app or program for a specific purpose I am happy to try and help in your search for a suitable candidate.

This answer will require some searching, but if you care to “play”, give it a try.

If you remove the battery contact post from an old battery
(carefully Ripping/desoldering it off the old battery, some are removable and some are hard wired)
and hardwire from the charging post on the phone to the power posts of the battery contact. Get a zener didoce for the voltage of the battery and install it across these points paying attention to polarity. Then install a 10W resistor (your battery resistance will vary) to the battery sense pins on the battery contact. This will trick the phone into thinking it has a battery and it’s not over heating,
Note that the battery contact configuration will be diferent from phone to phone.

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Wish I had read about this sooner. Two months traveling and come home to find three LG phones with bulging batteries. Luckily just the bulge and no explosion or fire.

I think I would have tried putting them on timers and charging several times a day for 4 hours sounds about right.

So rather than spend £15 on a proper IP camera your going to start spending more cash on timers and mess about trying different settings to stop them from possibly exploding ? Good choice.

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