BUG: No video, no recording, no alert … Only live Sound



there is no video, no recordings, only sound.
I didn’t get any alert about this issue.
Everything looked fine. Everything was well connected.
When I noticed the issue, I restarted the App manually.
After restart, the video was working again.
But for 5 days it was deceptive security.

Screenshot_0 Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3a Screenshot_4a


In my experience when this happens, it is related to a couple things;

  • Time correct on all devices and Get time from Network has to be selected too
  • All phones must be same version, If not it causes glitches in Alfred
  • If phone has been on long, long time… A restart may be in order
  • If problem persists, uninstall and re-install on offending phone, check for update first.
  • Restart your router/modems, Shut all down, then restart from main ISP, onto other routers in order till last one online.