BUG: No video, no recording, no alert … Only live Sound



there is no video, no recordings, only sound.
I didn’t get any alert about this issue.
Everything looked fine. Everything was well connected.
When I noticed the issue, I restarted the App manually.
After restart, the video was working again.
But for 5 days it was deceptive security.

Screenshot_0 Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3a Screenshot_4a


In my experience when this happens, it is related to a couple things;

  • Time correct on all devices and Get time from Network has to be selected too
  • All phones must be same version, If not it causes glitches in Alfred
  • If phone has been on long, long time… A restart may be in order
  • If problem persists, uninstall and re-install on offending phone, check for update first.
  • Restart your router/modems, Shut all down, then restart from main ISP, onto other routers in order till last one online.



All this was already done. The problem is not related to these settings.
As you can see, the camera is well connected. The camera “thinks” everthing is ok. No alerts.
But the video dosn’t work. Onky the sound is working.

Restartig the router, etc. doesn’t help. The Alfred App keeps staying in the same status.
The only thing that helps is to rstart Alfred App. Then everything is fine until the problem comes back after some days.
So the problem is in the App.



Does the issue still persist? Have you updates Alfred to the latest version on all devices?

Keep us posted.


Yes, the isse still persist.
I just checked the connection. Right now the issue is present again since around monday 9 pm.
I will keep this error status for you to check. The login email is my gmail adress.
In some hours I must restart AlfedApp to make the camera working again. Please check it quick.

Alfred is auto updating via Playstore.



Could you please go to the Camera phone, open Camera Settings, take a screenshot and send it to us?

Different Settings might help in this situation. Please keep us posted!