Blackout screen and a few other things that would be nice


I would like it to have a black out feature. As it is now the only option is to use the power save option which although seems to be blacked out there is still some low level light on the screen. Also if you accidentally bump into the phone it pops up a screen that lets you swipe to open page. You need a feature that allows Alfred to run in the background unnoticeable at all. With the only way to realize it is recording is to click on the icon again in the apps page. I would also like to be able to switch the camera to the viewer. In the desktop version I am only able to use my phone as the camera. It does nothing if I try to use the phone as the viewer and use my computer’s usb camera as the camera. Other than the things mentioned, I really like this program.



Thank you so much for sharing your idea with us!

When you tap on the Lock icon after setting the Camera Phone up, Alfred dims the screen without completely turned it off. The reason is a little technical. To completely turn the screen off, Alfred would need more permission. However, anything permission-related is complicated and off-putting for some users. That’s why the design dims the screen as much as possible without turning it off.

If possible at all, please keep your Camera device plugged in to ensure continuous surveillance. You can also save power with Alfred’s Remote Switch:


You can find some inspiration for camouflaging the Camera device here:

For the moment, you can only turn smartphones/tablets into Camera devices and monitor from Alfred’s WebViewer. You can’t use PC webcam as Camera yet. This is something we might develop in the future. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!