Blacked out for hours with premium membership

Alfred app has continuous problems. I’m sick of the Alfred staff’s excuse. The staff easily say that all problems are caused by slow internet. But My internet speed is 100MB and no problem with internet. I pay for this app but this annoying black-out happens and the staff don’t even have any interest in this problem.



We are sorry for what you have experienced. According to our logs, your Camera got disconnected sometimes.

Here is what you might not know: WiFi signal is not as constant and evenly-distributed as you might imagine.

Please take a look at this post to get the most out of your WiFi for Alfred:

Let us know if it gets better.

Here is an interesting fact. I live in south korea whose average internet speed and stability is the best in the world. If black-out problems happen and users can’t notice it until they find it in korea, where else on earth can you use Alfred app without problems?

I admit that wifi is not constantly stable all the time. But if the connection sometimes gets weak and back to normal level, the Alfred app have to be prepared for this not to be Constantly Blacked-out. Wifi connection stability is not a good excuse.

Alfred’s reliance is on an internet connection, a very good and stable internet connection especially if you are streaming HD.

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