Bitrate limit seems to be responsible terrible video quality



Hello, I tried 3 phones as cameras: iPhone 4, Galaxy S5, and iPhone 7 Plus.
Due to the major improvement in hardware between the 4 and 7 Plus I expected to get a radically different image from the 7. However, I could see in the webapp viewer that they all produce very choppy and grainy video. Definitely not close to the HD resolution I paid for.
Now I have experience in editing and producing video and I could see in the sidebar that the bitrate for all 3 phones was limited to some ranges of 50-100 kiloBytes. And that’s assuming the designer didn’t mislabel it and it’s actually kiloBit, which is more commonly used to measure bandwidth.

my iPhone can record video at up to 100 megabits, and my internet connection can handle 100 megabits upload and much more on the download site, so I’m wondering what is up with the “premium” bitrate being limited to such a low rate. I know it’s not the problem with my set-up, I can open up facetime and get crystal clear video here. Can you please tell me if there is anyway I can get a better bitrate and get sharper video?


Hi, first of all, what you need to validate me.
Which browser do you use?


Latest chrome browser on MacOs. I can also verify it’s not the streaming capability of the browser that is the issue because when I download “moments” files I see the same low-bitrate video.

Maybe you can tell me what bitrate limits you impose, there is probably a hard limit that is close to what I’m seeing on my end. Is there any chance that is going to improve?


Alfred WebViewer was available on FireFox only until very recently. Alfred WebViewer is now available on Chrome but a few settings need to be enabled first.

Please go to chrome://help/ and update your Chrome browser to Version 51


Hi sorry for the confusion you can delete this question Im going to create a new one and ask my clearly


Hello Jur,
We will wait for the next question to answer you as soon as possible thanks and pleasure.



Thanks for visiting Alfred Center and sharing your experience with us.

Would you be able to send us a link to an Event video so we can take a look and offer you more specific advice?

Thanks for the help!


hi, I’ve seen enough videos of other people’s reviews of this product and they are all similar quality so it’s not any specific problem on my side.
Before installing your app, I had an idea about image quality in my mind that is similar to what you can record with the camera app on your phone, or stream with facetime. However, since you offer free cloud storage for your app, and you don’t have the same resources facetime has, it’s very understandable you reduce the quality of the streams.
I’m just interested to learn if there is any plans to upgrade the quality. Maybe you can support HEVC encoding for iPhones for example? That can double the image quality without requiring more bandwidth.



Thank you so much for the insight. I will deliver your message to our engineering team and discuss the details with them. If there is any update, we will make sure to keep you notified. Please stay tuned.

Surely we want our Premium users to be satisfied with the video quality. Alfred will continue to improve the application and perhaps give more resolution options to our users in the future.

Please let me know if you have any other feedback!


Sure. I’m a SAAS startup founder myself so I understand the importance of user feedback. Here are some more details to relay to your team:

  • I would pay extra for an “ultra-hd” subscription tier if it offered crisp video quality.
  • I would like to support streams that are “720p (1280×720) 3000 kbps ~1.3 GB per hour” – This is netflix’s 720p streaming bitrate and that is something you could advertise in your product marketing, netflix HD quality. How much would you have to charge for a subscription tier that provides this? I would expect to pay double the price of the current premium subscription tier.
  • I’m ok if you impose cloud storage limits because I know “unlimited” doesn’t exist in this world :slight_smile: