Best place to put recording cam 2 catch someone hiding drugs in my home

Well… I’m gonna jump.right in…
I need to know best spot in a bedroom in low light to potentially "catch " or find out where In my home drugs are being hidden
I know which room. Any ANY feedback would Be UTMOST APPRECIATED :shushing_face:

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I’m having the same issue. It’s driving me crazy. Trying to find the best spot to hide the cam cause I know drugs are being used and hidden. So sad we have to resort to this


Sounds to me you need to get a higher quality camera that’s not very detectable, amazon has a zillion


I have a hutch that i used for my collection of motorcycles in my living room.hide it in there cause no one pay attention to it has plug for charger built in it.


You don’t need a better quality camera; You need a higher standard of whom you let in your bedroom.