Been using Alfred 2 years now



With Alfred, I never have to worry! But lately I do as its not sending or receiving motion detection. All last year no issue, and all of a sudden, its not alerting me or recording any action. Any ideas?
My Alfred runs on Samsung S3 and S6 Edge.


Hey @misbalance,

Thank you so much for the support!

We look into the situation. Did you maybe accidentally mute notifications? Does the no-notification thing happen all the time now?

Please let us know! We’d love to help you figure this out!


Ive tried everything. I know how to use Alfred on both viewer and camera, and ive noticed not only that the notifications are lagging or not even appearing, but the pixels arent good. I ran 5 cameras all different brands and noticed that it didnt depend on the alfred premium for the images to be crisp and defined, it depended on the type of phone being used. Samsungs give quality images while other phones didnt. So now its like im using a cheap phone and the notifications are not appearing when there is activity.


Hi @misbalance,

Thank you for reaching out!

Do you constantly miss out on notifications? Does Alfred give you an error code at all?

Also, while different models might produce different results, Alfred Premium definitely still delivers better quality!


Can’t please everybody i guess, but you can complain about anything you’re going to compare to the best out there… which is Alfred camera!!!