Be able to black out video borders


Here in the UK, you are only allowed to record security footage of your own property. If your camera also captures activity from outside your boundaries (and potentially invade people’s privacy) you then become subject to certain recording and data processing laws.

How about a software solution to black out that which you don’t want to record?

You’d setup your camera, point it at what you want to record, but be able to ‘drag in’ black borders to not record footage that’s not on your property.

Just a suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:


@benjohnmiller the process you are referring to is a mask or privacy mask on some applications and is available on most forms of security camera software or firmware, I’m not sure what you are saying about the legality of the position of your camera as long as the majority of the frame is your property or public access then you should be fine.


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Man the things that we take for granted & don’t even think about being different for others


How do you mean? Are you allowed to record whatever you want in your country?


@benjohnmiller I am in the UK also.


And thank you for your replies :slightly_smiling_face:

However, my immediately previous reply was aimed at the comment ‘Man the things that we take for granted & don’t even think about being different for others’. I assumed the poster was from a country where you’re allowed to record whatever you want?


My OP was born out of one of my cameras unintentionally capturing areas outside of my property. Due to the range and field of vision of the camera, it mostly captures the front of my house, but also captures a bit of the road and my adjoining neighbour’s driveway. I’ve tried repositioning the camera, but that only makes the intrusion worse.

With the aid of a self imposed ‘privacy mask’, I would be 100% within the law. That’s all :slightly_smiling_face:


@benjohnmiller sorry I can’t help with the mask but I can assure you that there is no problem with your camera legally as my IP camera has a similar position out the front of my property so it covers my garden and the street from kerb to kerb so it covers the area where I mostly park my car, at this position it also covers some of the neighbors garden. I have on two occasions supplied footage to the authorities at their request with out any issues of the camera position.