Battery Notifications

Im having trouble finding where I turn off push notifications for my battery life. I’ve read the tutorial several times but the option to turn off notifications for battery life doesn’t seem to be in my menus

Can anyone help? I only want to be notified on motion detection as my phone only charges when it needs more battery power.

It should be there.

Oh just noticed that you have iOs I’m on Android

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Yeah it doesn’t seem to have the option to turn off battery notifications on IOS which is getting annoying with 20 notifications a day on my phone and my watch and in the middle of the night.

That sucks. Try sourcing a second hand Android, they are plenty and cheap enough. Or just get a proper IP camera less than £15 on your favourite market website :shushing_face:

This is what my phone looks like all day. And the camera has been up and running for days now and the battery isn’t dying. It’s just the normal charge cycle. So basically I have to turn off notifications to my camera because I can’t disable battery notifications and thus lose the whole functionality of motion detection notifications :cold_sweat: